1. Palmipedarium by Jérémy Clapin, 2012

    Looks like an animated storybook. Beautifully animated, at that.
    A hunter’s son helps an odd duck out with some body-image issues. :)
    Just watch.

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  2. A la Francaise by Supinfocom students, 2012

    A salacious slice of court life at Versailles. With chickens.

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  3. The Ballad of Balloon Boy by Henning Koczy, 2014

    Here is some of my own work. It’s not up to the usual quality standards around here, but I hope you will indulge me 1 or 2 self-links a year for when I do something I’m proud of. :)

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  4. Wallflowers by The Line, 2013

    Impressive linework, The Line. A lame night out for a great bunch of characters.

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  5. Love in the Time of Advertising by David Bokser & Matt Berenty, 2013

    Impressive animation! A playful Seussian tale of miscommunication that hits close to home for anyone working in commercials. Ha ha.
    I’m pleased to share my friend’s short here. Thanks for the submission, David!

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  6. Carn by Jeffig Le Bars, 2012

    A classic but rather gruesome morality tale.
    Great design. Thanks, Tony Blinco!

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  7. The Flight by Inbal Breda, 2014

    A picturesque short about two friends exploring a derelict floating city together. Amazing backgrounds reminiscent of Moebius and great music greatly enhance the already impressive animation and design.

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  8. Damned by Richard Phelan, 2011

    Charming story about ambition, dreams, failure, redemption. I always like to see a such a big story packed into just a few minutes and just a few hand drawn lines.

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  9. WIND by Robert Loebel, 2012

    Visit this windswept plateau where the hearty inhabitants have learned to thrive. Charming.

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  10. The Elephant’s Garden by Felix Colgrave, 2013

    The height of surreal, technicolor WTF-ery. Enjoy.

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  11. Oru Burus by Supinfocom students, 2012

    A small epic. A fairytale about trying to control what is uncontrollable. Nice design.

    Thanks tonyBlinco!

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  12. iDiots by Big Lazy Robot VFX, 2013

    A light-hearted satire on our fawning over devices. Looks, moves, and bites almost too convincingly.

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  13. Solstice by Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder, 2013

    It looks like a trailer, but unfortunately this is all there is. Still rather beautiful.

    Enjoy also, some Dog Snack by the same team!

    Thanks, Tony Blinco!

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  14. Orgesticulanismus by Mathieu Labaye, 2008

    Yes! So sick. Amazing articulation, gesticulation, and rhythm. Oft-imitated. I’ve waited a long time for this to be available at high quality. Now I can share one of my favorite animations of the past 10 years! If you are impatient, you may skip to the fun at 3:30, but you have to see this!

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  15. Leaving Home by Joost Lieuwma, 2013

    Funny and touching. Economical character development. Reminds me a little of The Cat Came Back.

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