1. A Tale of Momentum and Inertia by House Special, 2014

    Or… physics and morality. Moves great, looks great. Very satisfying.
    Thanks Dylan!

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  2. The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy, 2013

    Stylish and deceptively simple in look and premise. The kind of thing I like to see, and dream about…

    Thanks, Allison!

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  3. The Blue Umbrella by Pixar, 2013

    Sappy as all get-out, but also gorgeous to look at.

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  4. Space Cat Hob by Loic Bramoulle, 2014

    Beautifully rendered, beautifully animated. A thrilling chase through an alien forest. One of the top 5 things I’ve seen this year.

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  5. FoL’Amor by Gobelins students, 2014

    A mid-afternoon folly turns deadly serious. A sumptuous, bouncy bit of silliness.

    Thanks Doug!

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  6. Meet Meat by Gobelins students, 2014

    Gobelins season again! A fun sea-chase.

    Thanks, Tony Blinco

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  7. This Way Up by Smith & Foulkes & O’Reilly, 2008

    The misadventures of two very dedicated pallbearers.
    A grand, Oscar-nominated trip.

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  8. Cap’n Shmelly by Sacha Goedegebure, 2014

    A rude but well-animated story about a man driven mad by… vengeance?
    Thanks, Matthew!

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  9. Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou by Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon, 2014

    Fantastic! A madcap chase thru san francisco that’s packed with appealing motion and design.

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  10. Marilyn Myller by Mikey Please, 2014

    An amazing, intricate styrofoam replacement stop-motion from the guy who did Eagleman Stag.

    Thanks Craig and Craig!

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  11. Dip n’ Dance by Hugo Cierzniak, 2013

    Kinda silly for my tastes, but the motion and 2D rendering (on top of 3D) are amazing.
    Thanks Alexandre!

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  12. Duet by Glen Keane, 2014

    A master. Obviously. The solidity and appeal of the drawings is second to none, and the rendering in chalk is impressive. Had to wait for a youtube embed… probably won’t last long…

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  13. Poulette’s Chair by Studio Colorido, 2014

    A combo coming-of-age plus chase, this appealing short really makes you feel like flying. Same director as Rain Town.

    Thanks Darren!

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  14. Butts by Tyler Hurd, 2014

    If this doesn’t cheer you up, your heart is as hard as your ass. Here is this year’s shoo-in winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Short (surely) and a special technical prize for dat jiggle. By my friend, Tyler Hurd. Way to go, buddy!

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  15. Tiny Nomad by Toniko Pantoja, 2014

    A weighty story for cartoon mice and 6 minutes. So well-drawn!

    More from Toniko,

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