1. Marilyn Myller by Mikey Please, 2014

    An amazing, intricate styrofoam replacement stop-motion from the guy who did Eagleman Stag.

    Thanks Craig and Craig!

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  2. Dip n’ Dance by Hugo Cierzniak, 2013

    Kinda silly for my tastes, but the motion and 2D rendering (on top of 3D) are amazing.
    Thanks Alexandre!

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  3. Duet by Glen Keane, 2014

    A master. Obviously. The solidity and appeal of the drawings is second to none, and the rendering in chalk is impressive. Had to wait for a youtube embed… probably won’t last long…

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  4. Poulette’s Chair by Studio Colorido, 2014

    A combo coming-of-age plus chase, this appealing short really makes you feel like flying. Same director as Rain Town.

    Thanks Darren!

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  5. Butts by Tyler Hurd, 2014

    If this doesn’t cheer you up, your heart is as hard as your ass. Here is this year’s shoo-in winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Short (surely) and a special technical prize for dat jiggle. By my friend, Tyler Hurd. Way to go, buddy!

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  6. Tiny Nomad by Toniko Pantoja, 2014

    A weighty story for cartoon mice and 6 minutes. So well-drawn!

    More from Toniko,

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  7. The Begun of Tigtone by Andrew Koehler, 2014

    Imagine a world where our ideas of valor, adventure, might, and magic are so thoroughly deconstructed, it’s hard to know what the hell is happening… or who cares. Into that world, unbidden, steps a delusional derring-doer who dares to demand a destiny: Tigtone. His Begun is a relentlessly WTF introduction to the brain-bending, genre-crushing madness. The production value is amazing, the moving illustration is gorgeous. Enjoy it now, before it blows up…

    Congratulations to my friend, Andrew, and good luck!

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  8. Hoof It by Seth Boyden, 2014

    A wonderfully creative and funny alpine adventure. 

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  9. Motorbike by Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment, 2014

    A beautiful, adorable Miyazaki-esque world. Impressively-rendered and animated.

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  10. Steadfast Stanley by John Kim, 2014

    Corgis are the best… no spoilers.

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  11. Skhizein by Jeremy Clapin and Dark Prince, 2008

    A long, moody, French animation, but a totally engrossing Kaufman-esque conceit… should have a special resonance with makers of 3D animation and others of us who have a fragile grip on reality.

    From the director of Palmipedarium.

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  12. There’s a Man in the Woods by Jacob Streilein, 2014

    Styled like a Nickelodeon cartoon, but subverted with a dark character arc. Great design, a story you never hear.

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  13. Palmipedarium by Jérémy Clapin, 2012

    Looks like an animated storybook. Beautifully animated, at that.
    A hunter’s son helps an odd duck out with some body-image issues. :)
    Just watch.

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  14. A la Francaise by Supinfocom students, 2012

    A salacious slice of court life at Versailles. With chickens.

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  15. The Ballad of Balloon Boy by Henning Koczy, 2014

    Here is some of my own work. It’s not up to the usual quality standards around here, but I hope you will indulge me 1 or 2 self-links a year for when I do something I’m proud of. :)

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